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Connie Chan Announces Candidacy for San Francisco Supervisor, District 1

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Today, Connie Chan officially launched her campaign for District 1 Supervisor at City Hall, joined by current and former Supervisors. Chan, a longtime City Hall aide who currently serves Bay Area residents on the staff of Assemblymember Kevin Mullin, was immediately endorsed by current District 1 Supervisor Sandra Fewer, as well as former District 1 Supervisors Eric Mar and Jake McGoldrick and former District 10 Supervisor Sophie Maxwell.

“We are all here because we love San Francisco, and we love this City because it has been our refuge and sanctuary. As a first-generation immigrant, I know firsthand how the opportunities provided in San Francisco can help families like my own succeed,” said Chan. “However, we’re worried those same opportunities might not be as available today. We’re all here because we want to fight for our City and the working families, immigrants, seniors and small business owners who make it what it is.”

“I’m proud to endorse Connie Chan for District 1 Supervisor,” said Supervisor Fewer. “Our district deserves someone of her caliber. Her experience being a Legislative Aide at the Board of Supervisors will allow her to hit the ground running on day one. A mother of a public school student and partner of an SF firefighter, I know that Connie will protect and expand affordable housing, preserve our small businesses and continue to strengthen the Richmond District community that 80,000 residents call home. Connie without a doubt will serve the district well, and I am grateful that she is running to represent the best district in SF.”

“Connie served in my office where she advocated for San Francisco residents every day,” said former Supervisor Sophie Maxwell. “She was focused on understanding every issue that faces San Franciscans, drilling down into the complex policies that impact everything from land use to street safety. Now, we need her expertise and compassion on the Board of Supervisors so we have a relentless advocate for District 1.”

“Many Richmond District residents have been devastated by rising housing costs and the City’s affordability crisis. Our longtime neighborhood businesses are struggling to stay afloat as families wrestle with balancing our budgets and seniors are evicted and pushed out,” said former Supervisor Eric Mar. “We need Connie Chan as our voice on the Board because she understands the struggles of everyday residents and has the leadership and experience to help our immigrant and working families.”

“When we see how our residents fight to stay in San Francisco, we know we have to battle that much harder to help them,” said former Supervisor Jake McGoldrick. “Connie Chan understands that fight – and because of her deep experience, she also understands how we can translate passion into policy that helps every day residents.”

As our next District 1 Supervisor, Connie Chan will push to create more affordable housing, including 100% affordable housing developments, advocate for coordinated and compassionate services for homeless residents, work to assist small businesses struggling to stay in their long-time neighborhoods and improve transportation and transit options for Richmond District residents.


Born in Hong Kong, Connie Chan is a first-generation immigrant who came to San Francisco at the age of 13. She attended Galileo High School and lived in a rent-controlled apartment in Chinatown with her mother and younger brother – the same apartment her mother lives in today. Thanks to classes at City College, her mother was able to launch a new career and supporter her family as a claims processor at Chinese Hospital.

Connie attended the University of California, Davis before returning to San Francisco where she served our city as a volunteer interpreter working with pro bono lawyers for SF Bar Association’s Volunteer Legal Outreach and as a community organizer for SF SAFE and Community Youth Center. She later served as an aide to then-Supervisor Sophie Maxwell, then-District Attorney Kamala Harris and Supervisor Aaron Peskin. She’s also served in the City’s Recreation and Park Department and City College of San Francisco.

Connie resides in the Richmond District with her long-time partner Ed, a San Francisco firefighter, and their son, Edo.


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