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  • Connie Chan

COVID-19 Response and Support

It is clear that the systemic inequalities in our nation have meant unequal outcomes during COVID. To give just two examples: as we redefine “essential workers” to include frontline grocery workers, sanitation personnel, delivery drivers and more, we have to recognize that these occupations disproportionately employ people of color often for low wages who are putting their health on the line to keep our communities functioning. We also recognize that COVID itself has been more likely to affect people of color - in San Francisco, for example, the Mission has been amongst our hardest hit communities.

A New Start for San Francisco

It is critical that our City, with the necessary assistance from the State and Federal governments, steps up relief for workers and small businesses who are struggling to make ends meet in this moment. There are valiant efforts from the City and County to prioritize immediate relief for low-income families, tenants and working class homeowners, vulnerable workers who are now out of work, and small businesses who risk closure — Connie strongly supports these immediate relief policy proposals coming forth from the Mayor and the Board of Supervisors. And once we are through the immediate crisis and the shelter-in-place is lifted, Connie will advocate for a “New Start for San Francisco” plan, to reinvigorate our economy and our neighborhoods.

Care for Our Community

The pandemic has proven to be an incredibly trying time for our city and our communities, but we will get through this by coming together and taking care of our neighbors who need help. Connie will work to expand the language and cultural competency of our public health clinics, COVID-19 outreach efforts, and testing services. Connie will push to expand access to testing by bringing in a free mobile testing clinic that can rotate between different neighborhoods.

In our neighborhood, Connie has worked to support our most vulnerable community members. Her campaign made wellness check calls to seniors, making sure our elder population had access to medicine, meals, and groceries. Connie delivered hand sanitizer and reusable masks to seniors in need, coordinated food donations for local neighborhood centers, and assisted small businesses in applying for COVID relief funds. Connie knows that when we take care of one another, our community comes out stronger and healthier.

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