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COVID-19: There are many needs right now and many ways each of us can help each other.

Ed, Edo and I have been sheltering in place and thinking about all the ways our community has come together through this crisis. There are so many great needs right now - and many ways each of us can help each other.

First, the city and local non-profit organizations have put together numerous resources to assist at this time.

  • San Francisco Response: This website includes useful information and updates on COVID-19, how our city is responding and what services are available. You can also sign up for text alerts here.

  • Meals for Students: SFUSD is providing free meals to schoolchildren during school closures.

  • Assistance for Renters: The city and state have both issued new guidelines to protect renters. If you need help, San Francisco Tenants Union has more information.

  • SF Marin Food Bank: The San Francisco Marin Food Bank is continuing to provide food assistance during this period. Locations are available here.

  • Meals on Wheels: Residents aged 60 and up who need food assistance can apply for home delivery of prepared meals.

We can also continue to help each other and the amazing non-profits above who are doing essential work during this time.

  • Volunteer: If you are healthy and not in a high risk group, you can sign up to volunteer for SF Marin Food Bank or Meals on Wheels. Both organizations are also accepting donations.

  • Support Local Businesses: We may not be able to enjoy a nice meal out right now but we can support Richmond merchants by ordering online, getting take out or buying a gift card. Check out this portal from One Richmond to see how you can shop locally during shelter in place.

  • Donate to Protect Tenants: Volunteer or donate to the Housing Rights Committee who fight to protect tenants especially during this public health crisis. More about HRC and donate here.

  • Donate to the Richmond District Neighborhood Center: Help fund the Richmond Neighborhood Center’s food pantries, home-delivered groceries, and many more neighborhood-focused resources. Donate here.

  • Donate to Organizations Helping the Homeless: These two organizations are making sure our homeless neighbors have shelter and other resources they need during our shelter-in-place. Donate to the Homeless Youth Alliance here and the Coalition on Homelessness here to help ensure they can provide enough resources.

  • Be a Resource: The city has put together outreach toolkits to help spread awareness. Find multi-language resources here to provide to your friends and family.

Our campaign is also doing wellness calls to local seniors. If you’d like to join us, please contact us

We may not be able to get together, but we can all join together to help our community get through this time.

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