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Public schools led Connie to flourish as a first generation immigrant. Her public school teachers and para educators gave Connie a chance to succeed in college and build a solid foundation in a life that is rewarding and meaningful. Today, as a proud mom of a second grader at Lafayette Elementary, Connie is committed to support our public education system, to provide our teachers and para educators the funding and resources they need so they can succeed in their classrooms. Because when they succeed, our children and youth succeed.

San Francisco City College is a hallmark of our city's public education. Connie’s mom attended English classes and learned computer skills at the Filbert Street Campus long ago, and that was how she was able to get her first job in the city as an insurance claims processor at Chinese Hospital. Ed, Connie’s partner, earned his paramedic and fire science degree in City College, and he was able to excel at the SF Fire Department entry test. City College is a great source of pride for our city and for Connie. This is why she believes that City College should receive dedicated funding to ensure Free City College and other critical education programming continue and if possible expand so that we can truly offer debt-free quality higher education for all San Franciscans.

Support Public School Students and Their Families

The Richmond District boasts incredible public schools, and as Supervisor, Connie is committed to work with her colleagues on the Board of Supervisors through the Joint Education Committee and continue to support San Francisco Unified School District and City College of San Francisco with policy solutions and expansion of funding and resources. Many after school programming and summer camp options are limited with resources and funding for working parents and she will be a champion for growing these options for families, as well as expanding parental leave options, especially for parents with children under kindergarten age.

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