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  • Connie Chan

Environment & Climate Crisis

The climate crisis has been hurting our communities for decades and disproportionately affects low-income and marginalized communities. As Supervisor, Connie will work with her colleagues at the Board of Supervisors to continue to push for environmental justice citywide. To combat the crisis at the neighborhood level, in the Richmond District, Connie will work to develop a neighborhood climate resiliency plan, which includes planning of the Stormwater System that will ensure our stormwater and flooding plans are up to date. We want to build sustainable neighborhoods with comprehensive planning that will help people get around by walking, biking and riding public transit safely and efficiently.

Renewable Energy

While serving as a legislative aide to then-Supervisor Sophie Maxwell, Connie led the legislative efforts to shut down Mirant Power Plant, the last remaining power plant within the city limits which was hurting communities of color living in its proximity. With the climate crisis affecting air quality and the grid, Connie will prioritize legislation and initiatives to help the City meet its goals for CleanPower SF. Connie will push for publicly owned power that will be offered at a sliding scale to make clean power affordable for low-income and middle-income households.

Sustainable Infrastructure and Development

Connie will continue to work with environmental advocates to identify ways to mandate green and sustainable designs for residential and commercial developments. She will also develop policy solutions to provide incentives or mandates for sustainably designed affordable housing that will lower household use and monthly cost for power and water. Moreover, Connie will advocate for funding and resources to create green space for tenants of public housing and affordable housing such as rooftop or community gardens.

Green Workforce Development

Connie will seek partnerships with City College of San Francisco to create green workforce training to allow workers to obtain green jobs or retool their skills to meet the demands of emerging such jobs, as well as to advance within the industry.

Affordable, Sustainable, and Organic Food

Connie will fight to increase access to affordable, sustainable, and organic food for low-income households by expanding connections to resources (CalFresh, food banks, community groups, farmers markets) and provide incentive and support to local and urban farmers who provide sustainable food to low-income households directly. Connie will also increase access to and availability of community gardens and urban agriculture resources for low-income households.

Efficient, Reliable and Affordable Transit

Connie will push to provide free or low cost quality transit options including public transit, biking, and sustainable modes of transportation to working people. She will also work to increase reliable and high frequency transit connections within neighborhoods and across the city.

Parks and Open Space

One of the Richmond District’s biggest assets is our open space. Seventy percent of Golden Gate Park is in District 1, and we have lovely parks and playgrounds that our residents depend on. Connie supports the expansion of community gardens — on sidewalks, rooftops, shared spaces and more. She is invested in the expansion of urban forestry and tree planting to grow the green space in the Richmond District’s neighborhoods. Connie is committed to continuing the parks projects begun by Supervisor Fewer’s office, including the development of a senior playground, and the renovation of the Golden Gate Park dog run area.

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