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Good Government and Public Accountability

Connie is determined to ensure that city government works better or the people of the Richmond District and all San Francisco residents. In an age where the public trust in San Francisco government has been undermined by alleged corruption, Connie is committed to reform for more efficient services, stronger public oversight, and spending with accountability. She supports regular auditing of city services and reporting about how funds are used to benefit the public equitably. She wants to ensure that policies and resources are used to truly improve people’s lives, rather than give political favors or simply maintain the status quo. From experience, Connie knows that San Francisco can do and be better.

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Prioritizing Public Safety

As we all know, the Richmond is not immune to crime. We often face the same public safety issues as the rest of the City, although we are not given the same resources. It is election season, and unfor

Investing in Our Community

Last month, my office welcomed the Golden Gate Park Community Benefit Fund recipients and Another Planet Entertainment to the Richmond Recreation Center to jointly announce $110,000 in funding for com

Delivering Public Safety Resources

As your district supervisor, I am working to deliver the public safety resources the Richmond needs and deserves. With the mayor and her administration prioritizing the revitalization of downtown over


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