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  • Connie Chan

Public Safety

Safe and Accessible Neighborhoods

Connie believes a safe neighborhood is where our community is inclusive, respectful and connected with one another.

Rebuilding Community Relations

Connie will push for community policing, foot beats in our commercial corridors, and bike patrol in dense residential areas. She also supports removing police from responding to mental health and wellness calls or behavioral discipline of our students. We ask our police force to focus on their duties to keep the public safe from violent crimes.

Property Crime Prevention Education

Starting out her career as a community organizer with SF SAFE Inc, Connie has learned that there are techniques to prevent property crimes without involving law enforcement or invasive technology. She will encourage prevention tips and education as resources.

Prepared for Disaster

To ensure our neighborhood’s safety, we must also prepare for a major disaster. The Richmond District deserves a robust and comprehensive emergency water fire-fighting system, which has been lacking in our neighborhood for far too long, putting our residents and businesses at risk. Connie supports the implementation of an auxiliary water suppression system — a high-pressure water system to give coverage to the entire district in the case of large fires, and ensure the emergency water infrastructure exists to keep our neighborhood safe.

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