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Affordable and Vibrant Neighborhoods

Housing: Affordable and Balanced Development

Connie is a strong advocate for the preservation and production of 100% affordable housing, focused on low- and middle-income residents. She also supports a balanced approach to development that prioritizes protections against displacement for vulnerable tenants, and local control so that residents can weigh in on new developments. Connie’s vision for housing development includes community benefits such as ground-floor space that meets the needs of the neighborhood residents, environmentally sustainable design, union labor and local hire, and more.

Tenant Protections and Support for Low-Income Homeowners

Keeping working San Franciscans in their city is a priority for Connie. She will push to expand funding for first-time home buyer programs, and support assistance for homeowners on fixed incomes. She will invest more deeply in the City’s small site acquisition program to preserve rent-controlled apartment buildings and prevent tenant evictions. Connie knows that tenants are increasingly vulnerable in our City and that the Richmond District has seen the second highest rate in the City for Ellis Act evictions; as someone who was raised in the rent-controlled apartment that her mother still lives in, keeping our tenants stably housed is a top priority.

Supporting our Small Businesses

Connie is deeply invested in our small business sector, which is the backbone of the Richmond District. Local merchants experience an incredible amount of red tape as they launch and work to sustain viable businesses, and Connie is committed to cutting that red tape, through small business tax credits for local ownership and production, streamlining the small business permitting process with technical support, and business tax code reform that holds corporate and chain businesses to equal standards as our local merchants. She supports the move towards public banking to further invest in small businesses, and wants to expand the Legacy Business program to recognize more of the longtime anchors of our neighborhoods.

Compassionate, coordinated and efficient services

Connie worked for community-based service organizations before beginning her career in public service, and understands firsthand how much residents rely on neighborhood organizations to get support and meet basic needs-- particularly our most vulnerable residents. Services for families, seniors, immigrant residents and low-income San Francisco’s are a top concern for Connie.

In particular, as San Francisco’s homelessness crisis has grown significantly, mimicking California and the rest of the country. Connie is invested in strategies to reduce homelessness and support unhoused people getting off the streets. She supports the expansion of shelters and navigation centers, permanent supportive housing, and mental health and substance use treatment facilities for long-term stays.

The Richmond District has not received our share of city resources, despite the growing homeless population in the neighborhood. We know that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to homelessness, so we need a multi-pronged approach to address the range of reasons that people become homeless. Connie is committed to fighting for the resources and initiatives that will get unhoused residents off the streets and into shelter.

Safe and Accessible Neighborhoods

Connie believes in community policing and foot beats in our commercial corridors, and bike patrol in dense residential areas. She will push to ensure both the City and District police stations are responsive to residents in need of assistance, including traffic infractions. Pedestrian and bicyclist safety is a priority of Connie; she will advocate for walkability measures, the development of bike lanes, and traffic enforcement to ensure street safety.

Safety is also something that we must prepare for in the case of a major disaster. The Richmond District deserves a robust and comprehensive emergency water fire-fighting system, which has been lacking in our neighborhood for far too long, putting our residents and businesses at risk. Connie supports the development of an auxiliary water suppression system — a high-pressure water system to give coverage to the entire district in the case of large fires, and ensure the emergency water infrastructure exists to keep our neighborhood safe.

Affordable and Accessible Healthcare

Access to adequate health care is an issue that San Francisco has been a leader in-- and still, there is work to be done to address the gaps in care and coverage. Connie will push for an inventory of neighborhood public health clinics to ensure equitable services throughout the City, improvement of services, expansion access to dental coverage and mental health services, and the creation of a language access hotline for non-emergency health care for the City’s immigrant residents.

Parks and Open Space

One of the Richmond District’s biggest assets is our open space. Seventy percent of Golden Gate Park is in District 1, and we have lovely parks and playgrounds that our residents depend on. Connie supports the expansion of community gardens-- on sidewalks, rooftops, shared spaces and more. She is invested in the expansion of urban forestry and tree planting to grow the green space in the Richmond District’s neighborhoods. And Connie is committed to continuing the parks projects begun by Supervisor Fewer’s office, including the development of a senior playground, and the renovation of the Golden Gate Park dog run area.

Family Programs

The Richmond District boasts incredible public schools, and Connie is committed to continued support for the schools financially, both to support the district’s programs directly as well as expansion of funding for afterschool and summer programs. Too few of these options exist for working parents and she will be a champion for growing these options for families, as well as expanding parental leave options, especially for parents with children under five years old.

Affordable & Efficient Transportation

Public transit in San Francisco is a critical part of the City’s infrastructure, depended on by tens of thousands of residents in the Richmond District. Connie will advocate for transit accessible to families and seniors, and a Westside Public Transit Plan that rethinks routes and services to maximize accessibility and frequency, driven by community need.

She will fight for more efficient and reliable public transportation, and break down cost barriers for low-income residents. Connie will also ensure that the streets of the Richmond District are well-maintained, addressing potholes and repaving needs for pedestrians, drivers, bicyclists and transit riders alike.

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