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Affordable & Efficient Transportation

A healthy neighborhood is where everyone can walk and bike around and have equitable access to safe, clean, affordable and efficient public transit. Therefore, this makes public transit in San Francisco a critical part of the City’s infrastructure, depended on by tens of thousands of residents in the Richmond District. While the long term vision of our city should be making walking, biking and riding public transit the most preferred, more affordable, reliable and safer options over driving, this pandemic has decimated our transit agencies. We will need safe, reliable, and affordable transit options for all San Franciscans now more than ever.

Connie will fight for more efficient and reliable public transportation, and break down cost barriers for low-income residents. Connie will also ensure that the streets of the Richmond District are well-maintained, addressing potholes and repaving needs for pedestrians, drivers, bicyclists and transit riders alike. As San Francisco approaches reopening we must make sure when we discuss transit planning we equally prioritize options for public transit, biking, walking and understand that for some driving may have to be an option as well. Connie’s vision for a safe, walkable, and bikeable Richmond District includes greater access to public transit, ensuring diversity and inclusion, and demanding better project design and delivery.

Increasing Access

Connie will work to increase bicycle infrastructure to create safe and bike route connectivity citywide as well as to increase accessibility and affordability to bike rentals. Connie also supports creating and preserving car-free spaces including slow streets. The planning of such infrastructure should be done with the consideration of those who would also need access to driving and parking, including seniors and people with disabilities.

Connie will push to lower transit fares and work to expand Free Muni, ensuring transit is accessible to all. The quality of transportation should not be sacrificed at the expense of lower fares — Connie will fight for more efficient and reliable public transportation, and break down cost barriers for riders, especially those traveling regionally. This includes being at the table for regional solutions for a centralized transit fare system, and consistent way-finding signage and transit mapping, as well as on-time and efficient transit schedules for people to travel from one city or county to another.

Inclusive Process and Immediate Outcomes

Connie will work with stakeholders through an inclusive and comprehensive process to determine a comprehensive plan to implement pedestrian and vehicle safety measures, bicycle infrastructure, and expand public transit routes and increase transit services. She also plans to create thorough mitigation plans to limit impact on neighbors, schools, and small businesses with specific timeline for deliverables for all transit and traffic projects. She supports the community’s grassroots efforts of expanding slow streets, bicycle facilities, and speed humps.

Hold SFMTA Accountable

Connie will mandate the SFMTA to deliver projects with concrete planning and without compromise that derail the project’s goals. She will push SFMTA to regulate ride-share programs, and provide incentives to use and carpool of electric vehicles to reduce private vehicles on the roads.

She will also look towards funding revenues for education programming and community outreach with language and cultural competency to push for safe pedestrian and bike routes across our neighborhoods.

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