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Supporting our Small Businesses

Connie is deeply invested in our small business sector because she knows it is these businesses which are the backbone of the Richmond District. Local merchants experience an incredible amount of bureaucracy as they launch and work to sustain viable businesses.

Level the Playing Field for Small Businesses

Connie is committed to cutting that red tape through small business tax credits for local ownership and production, streamlining the small business permitting process with technical support, and business tax code reform that holds corporate and chain businesses to equal if not higher standards as our local merchants. Connie believes that we need to make the billionaires and corporations pay their fair share and contribute to the recovery of our city so we can provide equitable city services for the working people and small businesses that need the most.

She also supports the move towards public banking to further invest in small businesses, and wants to expand the Legacy Business program to recognize more of the longtime anchors of our neighborhoods.

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