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Demanding Transit Safety, Equity, and Efficiency

All Richmond District residents deserve safe and accessible pedestrian walkway and bike connectivity. Supervisor Chan has called on city departments to deliver efficient city services in the Richmond, and be accountable and responsive to our community’s needs, which includes access to safe and accessible streets for various modes of transportation.

Since taking office, Supervisor Chan has advocated for ongoing pedestrian and safety improvements throughout the district, including securing state funding, with help from Assemblymember Phil Ting, for bus bulbouts on Fulton Street when SFMTA faced a budget shortfall. Thanks to Supervisor Chan’s advocacy, SFMTA has begun work to install safety improvements where our neighbors have been injured, from safety improvements on Fulton at 37th Avenue, a rapid flashing beacon at 38th Avenue and Geary Boulevard, and protected bicycle lanes on Arguello.

While safety cannot be accomplished solely through individual improvements, as a County Transportation Authority (CTA) commissioner, Supervisor Chan allocated funding to develop a comprehensive plan to improve and demand transit safety for the Richmond. The plan is in progress and will identify existing challenges throughout the district and develop near- to long-term strategies to improve pedestrian and bicyclist safety, create transit reliability, and shift neighborhood trips from driving to transit, walking and biking.

And specifically, due to recent road closures that have impacted the Richmond District, Supervisor Chan has also requested SFMTA and the Recreation and Park Department to report on the progress and implementation of the Golden Gate Park Access and Safety Program now that the voters voted to keep much of JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park closed to cars. The departments already have noted that they have a lot of work to do, including improving disability access, reducing traffic congestion and improving the reliability of Muni lines to the park.

Further, thanks to the advocacy of the Richmond District merchants and community, Supervisor Chan was able to push SFMTA to improve the design for the Geary Bus Rapid Transit project that incorporates community feedback and increases parking availability. By working together, stakeholders were able to reach an agreement that supports the merchants and community.

There is much work to be done to improve the safety of pedestrians and cyclists in the Richmond District, and together with the commitment from city departments and our community, we can accomplish safer streets.


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