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Ensuring Local Input for Future Tax Revenues

As our City faces a $780 million budget deficit over the next two fiscal years, Supervisor Connie Chan introduced a resolution opposing a dangerous proposed ballot measure by the California Business Roundtable, which would make it much more difficult for local voters to support tax measures needed to fund local services and infrastructure.

The California Business Roundtable, which represents the state’s wealthiest corporations and developers, has qualified a new ballot measure for November 2024, aiming to limit voter input on important tax measures. The initiative with a misleading title: the “Taxpayer Protection and Government Accountability Act” would increase the threshold for voter-initiated taxes from simple majority to two-thirds, meaning several important measures like June 2018’s Early Care and Education Commercial Rents Tax, which helps provide affordable childcare, and November 2018’s Our City Our Home, which supports the City’s services for our homeless population, would not have passed, and San Francisco would have lost out on millions of dollars in revenue.


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