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Supervisor Connie Chan Gets It Done

Since she first took office in 2021, Supervisor Connie Chan has demonstrated her smarts and ability to deliver services and policies supporting small businesses, protecting tenants and small property landlords, and providing resources and safety for working families and the most vulnerable. She holds City Hall accountable and demands equitable and efficient city services in District 1 and throughout San Francisco. 


Now, as San Francisco emerges from the pandemic, Supervisor Chan is running for re-election so she can continue to tackle the challenges we face. Supervisor Chan will continue to push city departments to listen to the communities, call on City Hall for transparency, and advocate for common sense policies that benefit all San Franciscans.

Supporting Our Working Families and Communities

Getting Things Done on Day One in 2021

During Supervisor Chan’s first year in office, her partnership with city departments, community organizations, neighbors and our small businesses meant the Richmond District could succeed in recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, continue critical services to our residents, and expand community resources. She was able to accomplish:

  • Establishing the Neighborhood Anchor Business Registry to support small businesses 15 years and older, and prioritizing pandemic resources to help them sustain and thrive

  • Championing $15 million for Free Summer Camp for K-8 public school students to help kids and their families get through challenges with learning and care during the pandemic

  • Approving funding for 98 units of 100% Affordable Housing for seniors at 4200 Geary Blvd, and pushed for funding the capacity to build and preserve affordable housing on the westside of San Francisco

  • Supported and authored legislation to provide relief to tenants and small property owners who faced lost income during the pandemic

  • Supported creation of a relief fund for entertainment venues and fee waivers for small businesses

Keeping The Momentum Going in 2022

From supporting our small businesses to landmarking important historical areas in the District, Supervisor Chan continued her work to support Richmond District residents. The Richmond District saw several small businesses continue to open, including The Laundromat, Andytown, and the Four Star Theater, to name a few! While we look towards ways to revitalize Downtown and its economy, we can study the successes of our small businesses in the Richmond to learn how to support and assist our local merchants to thrive downtown. 


In her second year in office, Supervisor Chan was able to secure funding and pass legislation to continue supporting our recovery:

  • Funded before school care, food security, support for our aging population, a youth leadership academy, and a commercial corridor service in District 1

  • Negotiated $30 million for the API community

  • Passed legislation naming City Cemetery as a Historical Landmark, the first archeological landmark in San Francisco history

  • Stood with essential workers demanding fair wages and working conditions – from the California Nurses Association at Kaiser, Unite HERE Local 2 workers at the San Francisco Airport, and the United Farm Workers who work hard to put food on our table

An Equitable, Accountable Budget

In 2023, as the Board’s Budget Committee Chair, Supervisor Connie Chan worked to ensure the budget process was transparent and inclusive, and city departments are held accountable for public dollars spent and the quality of services that San Franciscans receive. Thanks to her efforts the Board of Supervisors was able to meaningfully reduce unnecessary spending and waste from the Mayor’s proposed budget and reallocated resources to address the top priorities of District 1 and San Francisco residents, including:


  • Securing funding for food access programs while protecting the Babies and Families First Fund with no cuts to childcare services

  • Restoring funding to support the Richmond’s small businesses and community 

  • Supporting a First Year Permit Fee waiver for small businesses

  • Restoring funding that protects single-room occupancy tenants

  • Restoring full funding for the Ethics Commission

  • Providing fair wages and support for workers and service organizations

  • Requiring quarterly reports for police overtime spending to improve transparency and make sure our public safety dollars are going where they are needed most

  • Increasing funding for shelter beds while protecting funding to house transitional aged youth

  • Temporarily halting tax increases to support business still in recovery from the pandemic, and providing additional incentives for new businesses to relocate in our struggling downtown areas


Roadmap to Recovery and A Brighter Future for San Francisco


The budget is just one part of Supervisor Chan’s work to help our communities succeed. She has also put forward comprehensive proposals and specific legislation designed to ensure that as San Francisco recovers, we do so in a way that benefits all our residents.

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